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General Sales Conditions

1. Object of the Agreement

'Artissimo di Duveau Graziella' (below Artissimo) is an Italian company, with authorization for the exercise of Tours and Travel Agency activities granted by the Province of Pisa (prot. 122496 dated Sep 13, 2006). The present document defines the conditions arranged by Artissimo for the purchase by customer of services as defined in following paragraph. Reservation of services implies the unconditional acceptance by customer of all conditions brought to its knowledge in the present document.

2. Offered services


is the pre-arranged combination of not fewer than two of the following when sold or offered for sale at an inclusive price and when the service covers a period of more than twenty-four hours or includes overnight accommodation:

  1. transport;
  2. accommodation;
  3. other tourist services not ancillary to transport or accommodation and accounting for a significant proportion of the package.
    (definition from Council Directive 90/314/EEC of 13 June 1990 on package travel, package holidays and package tours)

'Travel Service'

is intended as accommodation, car rental, flight and other secondary services booked separately or not responding to the 'package' definition.

3. Applicable Legislation & Liability

Travel Contracts are governed by Law n. 1084 dated 27 December 1977, in ratification and implementation of the International Convention on Travel Contracts (CCV) signed at Brussels on 23 April 1970 and also by the Consumers’ Code, approved with Legislative Decree n. 206 dated 6 September 2005. The liability of Artissimo in its capacity of travel organizer with respect to travellers and their property is governed by the above laws, and in no case may exceed the limits foreseen by the said laws.

4. Bookings

The booking is perfected only when Artissimo will send the client the relevant written confirmation (whether by fax, letter, or e-mail) and Artissimo will receive deposit (see paragraph below).

5. Payments (unless otherwise specified)

  • First deposit of 25% has to be paid to Artissimo upon confirmation.
  • Second deposit of 65% may be requested, depending on total amount of booked services. Terms will be specified upon booking.
  • Balance has to be paid to Artissimo within 30 days prior beginning of the trip.

Non payment of the above-mentionned sums at the fixed date is an explicite resolutive clause, which would determine the rightful resolution of the package sale contract by Artissimo.
All Banking fees and taxes are to be entirely supported by sender.

6. Cancellation Policy

a) Cancellation by Customer (unless otherwise specified)

Customer may only cancel by providing written notice (by fax, letter or email) to Artissimo within the terms indicated below.
Cancellation fees will be charged as follow:

  • Individual or Partial Cancellation
    • More than 60 days prior beginning of the trip: no penalty for cancellation,
    • Between 60 and 31 days prior beginning of the trip: 25% of total amount of cancelled services is owed,
    • Between 30 and 16 days prior beginning of the trip: 50% of total amount of cancelled services is owed,
    • Between 15 and 08 days prior beginning of the trip: 75% of total amount of cancelled services is owed,
    • Between 07 and 04 days prior beginning of the trip: 90% of total amount of cancelled services is owed,
    • Less than 04 days prior beginning of the trip: 100% of total amount of cancelled services is owed.
    • Should the number of participants decrease to another tariff bracket, then the price connected to the new number of participants applies. For any cancellation of more than 25% of the number of participants, the cancellation fees for group (see paragraph "Groupe Cancellation" hereunder) applies.
  • Group Cancellation:
    • More then 60 days prior the beginning of the trip: the paid or to be paid amounts are owed,
    • Between 60 and 30 days  prior the beginning of the trip: 50% of the amount of the booked services are owed,
    • Less than 30 days prior the beginning of the trip:  100% of the amount of the booked services are owed.
  • Particular cases:
    • (charter or low-cost flights, entrance fees to exhibitions, monuments, museums, shows, public means of transport): Purchased tickets/booking fees cannot be refunded, even if you change date.
  • Special conditions:
    •  in very high-season period (Venice Carnival, specific events...), some hotels apply very specific cancellation policy. This policy will be specified upon booking.
  • Should the holiday be interrupted for any reason, no refunds will be made.

b) Cancellation by Artissimo

Artissimo reserves the right to withdraw services in case of cause beyond control as riots, war, politic confusion, strikes, etc. In these circumstances, paid sums will be entirely refunded to client. There is no right for an additionnal compensation.

7. Obligation of participants

Participants must be in possession of a personal passport or some other document valid for travel in the countries to be visited, as well as any tourist and transit visas and health certification that might be required.
Should a participant cannot attend a trip, because of failure of one of the above mentionned obligations, no refunds will be made.
They must also respect the normal rules of prudence and diligence, all information provided to them by the organizer and also any regulations and administrative or legislative requirements regarding their travel. Participants will be liable for all and any damages that may be incurred by the holiday organizer that may be caused by their failure to respect the above conditions.

8. Insurance - National Guarantee Fund

As a guarantee of the total fulfilment of its obligations towards customers, Artissimo has stipulated a specific insurance policy with Europassistance Italia S.p.A.- policy n.21393 in compliance with Regional Law n. 42 dated March 2000.
The Presidency of the Council of Ministers has constituted a National Guarantee Fund to which consumers may apply under the terms of Art. 100 of the Consumers’ Code, in the case of insolvency or bankruptcy of sellers or organizers, for the Reimbursement of price paid and Repatriation in case of holidays abroad. The details of the use of the fund are governed by Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers n. 349 dated 23 July 1999.

9. Complaints

Customer must give notification of any shortcomings in the fulfilment of the contract without delay, so that Artissimo or its local representative may promptly rectify the situation. Any written complaints must be sent by registered letter with returned receipt note no later than 10 working days after return to the original place of departure, on penalty of loss of any right to claims.

10. Prices

All prices are expressed in Euro and include VAT.
They are guaranteed unless official variations: transportation costs (including fuel cost) ; taxes and fees on some kinds of tourist services, such as landing and embarkation fees in ports and airports ; exchange rates applied to services...
'Group' tariffs are applicable to each person part of a group of minimum 20 participants (unless otherwise specified) taking advantage of the same services.

11. Jurisdiction and Law

Applicable law is the Italian Law. In case of legal disputes, the jurisdiction will be the Pisa Court (Italy) only.